Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's A Wonderful Life

Sooo, today's post was supposed to be a lighthearted romp about our fun, child-free, Friday night. I was going to tell you all about eating gummy bears with a Midori sour chaser, but fate intervened.

I got into the car this morning to go retrieve the baby from her Grandmother and noticed something odd. There was a brick sitting in the center console cup holder.

Hmmm, where did that come from?
Is it snowing in here?!
What the F*@#K!

The gifted criminal actually managed to throw the brick from a moving car at such a speed that it smashed through the rear window, smacked into the windshield, bounced off the dash and landed in the cup holder. It was a once in a lifetime bulls eye, probably facilitated by the reflective strips that my father-in-law installed on the bumper to prevent drunks from careening into our ONLY vehicle. The car is totally undriveable. The windshield is being held together by ice alone and well, you can see the condition of the rear window. The hole was actually much smaller before I began swearing and furiously slammed the door.

It's all good. The universe has a sense of humor that cannot be denied. I can do nothing, but laugh (the kind of laugh that echoes down the hall of the psych ward as people are being wheeled to shock therapy), because this notice appeared in my mailbox this morning, just as the dust was starting to settle.

That's Not All Folks!!!

The time I am scheduled to show up for duty is 1:30 AM. Dayton has Night Court? Sure! Why not? Don't hold your breath Montgomery County. I recently learned the fine art of jury avoidance from Liz Lemon. I'm going to start making my tin foil hat right now.

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