Sunday, November 16, 2008

Poetry You Didn't Ask For...

Whew...I am cuttin' it kinda close tonight! I put sooooo much thought into tonight's post that I nearly lost track of the time.  Anyway, this evening's poetry is from the WAAAAYYYY back vault, the vault where inexplicable pubescent verse resides.

simplicity, of youth
it's presence is welcome
a child's mind vivid with
dreams of future years
is spellbinding yet simple
enough to be grasped by
nature's ignorance

Now this is some deep shit, I know, but imagine it cross stitched and framed and hanging on your aunt's wall. Oh, yeah. I liked this one so much that I committed it to embroidery for all eternity. In purple floss, no less, with buttons for added flare.


on alphabet blocks it
towers, never wavering
until deceit breaks the
delicate wall of juvenile
Hmm, here's one for my therapist, but before we go let's take a moment to appreciate the totally random sentence breaks in this piece of poesy. 

the fire or it's strength
burns deep in the heart of 
all mankind. Like the hot 
sun it burns eteranally
painfully inflicted on
all who dare to cross the
line between freedom and

Please note the explanatory nature of that first line. I wanted to make very clear that I was using FIRE as a metaphor for STRENGTH. I must have been afraid that someone would accuse me of pyromania. I have also thrown in random punctuation and pointless capitalization, just to show that I will not be confined by poetic conventions, because clearly I will not be a SOCIALIST.  I am a lover of FREEDOM! I recall precisely that I added the word socialism because I thought it sounded good. I waited patiently for someone, anyone to call me on it, but no one batted an eye. It momentarily shook my confidence.  Obviously, people where just humoring me if they couldn't see what a load of crap this poem was.  By the way, these three poems were actually published by the Literary Guild of Sharon, Pennsylvania in their annual volume Wordscapes. I'm sure you have a copy of it on your shelf right now...


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