Saturday, November 15, 2008

Knuffle Bunny Speaks

So, last night (and the night before for that matter) Violet had a rough time settling down to sleep.  She had all manner of grievances that needed to be addressed. Drink of water. Nightlight placement. Arrangement of blankets. When she had run out of the usual requests, she decided that her co-sleepers had to go. First, she complained that Baby Rojo's hat was on her pillow and she did not want it there. Well, Baby Rojo's hat is sewn on, so she had to sleep on the floor. Cast aside for her unfortunate and permanent accessory.  Then Honey Bear was banished to the floor to keep Baby Rojo company. Finally, Violet said that Knuffle Bunny too, would have to sleep on the floor. Daddy counseled against this drastic measure. He told her that Knuffle Bunny would wake up in the middle of the night and miss his Violet.  Knuffle Bunny NEEDS you. Violet picked up Knuffle Bunny, placed him in front of her mouth and spoke in her best Knuffle Bunny impersonation.  "I don't WANT to sleep with Violet!"  Okay...

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