Sunday, November 2, 2008

17 Kinds of Awesome!

While enjoying a child-free evening last night, Aaron and I found ourselves at Meijer, because what else should we do? Go home and do our marital duty without fear of being heard by a light sleeping child? Please! It was like foreplay just to walk around holding an adult hand for once! Anyway, as we leisurely made our way to the checkout, Aaron commented that he wished we had something more to purchase besides Astroglide, because even though we intended to use the U-Scan Express, it felt wrong not to obscure our sex aid with random impulse merchandise. That's when I saw this little treasure of useless, fabulous-ness!

Oh yeah, I bought it, even though the illustrations look NOTHING like the Obamas. But, having seen the Kennedy paperdolls (for which these dolls are an homage, I believe), it is in keeping with tradition. McCain paperdolls were available as well, but with the economy as it stands I could not justify the purchase. Mama's liberal elite baby has to have her Vanilla Soy Milk! 

 I don't know what political affiliation Tom Tierney has, but I suspect he is a Democrat, because McCain's undressed doll had a very specifically different feature from Barack's.  While Barack looks casually barefoot in a pair of swim trunks, McCain is dressed old-man style in white boxers and shin-high black socks. Also, poor Johnny has a noticeably crooked head. Clearly, the liberal media is at work here, playing up the fact that McCain is a cranky, old, fart!

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