Friday, October 31, 2008

Wonder Woman & the Witch's House

For the past three Halloweens we have taken Violet to my Aunt TeeTee's house for Beggar's Night. She only lives a mile and a half away, but our neighborhoods are worlds apart. At the Heathen House you get homeless, costume-less adults begging for candy. At TeeTee's house you get flocks of adorable supervised children in well-made costumes. Also, TeeTee's neighborhood has a theme. All of the streets have names like Buckingham and Devonshire and the houses are built to match. It's like walking through a fairy tale. My favorite house has a turret and a witch weather vane. I pine for this house. I long to snatch it up in a tragic foreclosure...but, I digress.

Violet has been Wonder Woman around our house for two months now. After all the rehearsal, the big night finally came and she made it about an hour out on the street. She looked fabulous while it lasted. She was ready to stop the begging, but she was not ready to give up the costume. I spent 20 minutes locked in battle with a squirming, screaming Wonder Woman who did not wish to be stripped of her powers or her tights. If I looked this cute I wouldn't want to give it up either!

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