Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We Got the Funk, the Stinky Kind

Okay, so it has now been 16 days since my family left Ohio and returned whence they came. This seems like a reasonable amount of recovery time, doesn't it? Shouldn't healthy folks like the members of the Heathen Family snap back to normal more quickly than this? Apparently, the answer is no. In fact, we have actually descended into a winter-like malaise of coughing and sniffling and aching. Last week, I spent some time Googling childhood depression when my Violet very plainly explained to me that she would be spending the entire day in Mama's bed. Some folks in this house are not pooping at all, some of us are pooping too much. Even the dishwasher is having digestive problems, which only compounds my misery as I have to wash everything by hand now. The dog lost so many teeth during our little reunion that we have to buy her soft food now and that shit ain't cheap! I have lost all urge to venture out of doors. I have spent so much time in uninterrupted air conditioning that I have started wearing sweaters around the house. This afternoon Violet had had enough and escaped out the back door with the dog. She just wanted to stand out there and breath the warm air. I resisted my impulse to scoop her up and return to the suffocating reassuring womb that is our house.
I think I may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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