Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Uncle Sam Needs to Get His Head Out of His Ass

Is any more proof of the coming apocalypse necessary? Forget Nostradamus. Forget the mutant frogs in the creek. Forget the Bush Presidency (oh, how I wish for amnesia). I am being recruited by the Navy! This isn't the first time our armed services have tried to seduce me either. I have received flyers from the Army and the AirForce as well. I mean, who is in charge of that mailing list database? Mmm, 31 year old stay-at-home Mommy who subscribes to Mother Jones magazine, clearly she's a candidate for today's armed forces! Call Ed and make sure we get her name on the Marine Corps list too.  I have actually given thought to compiling a conscientious objector file for my daughter, just in case our government decides to bring back the draft in gender equitable format. What a waste of paper! What a waste of time and money! And, talk about tipping off the enemy. This kind of blatant desperation will only embolden the terrorists. Maybe I'm being too hard on the military, but clerical errors tend to snowball and before you know it we're accidentally sending strategic maps to Osama's cave.

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