Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's All Over Now

This is how Violet spent most of her third birthday. After a week of playground hopping with her Arizona cousins and a trip to King's Island amusement park, she simply hit the wall.  She was gracious in defeat. There was no screaming or tantrums. Violet's eyes got heavier and heavier and then she simply laid down and fell asleep. It's probably my fault. I was so desperate to keep moving and avoid sitting still in a room with my mother, that I forgot to take it easy on the baby. The party went on without the guest of honor. My sister and her kids attempted to defeat my Grandmother in a game of Corn Hole.  *I will reassure those of you not from Ohio or Kentucky, that this is not prison-related. Deb continued to tell anyone who couldn't get away from her all about her back surgery and how many times she has fallen down in the last 2 weeks. My Dad spent some time staring at Deb and trying to figure out how she managed to eat the woman he was married to 30 years ago. My mother and father are so rarely in the same room together that it is hard to imagine them as a couple. In fact, the idea is kind of nauseating. I was never one of those  kids who tried to pull off The Parent Trap. So, despite catastrophic toddler break-down, a good time was had by all. Violet got to enjoy all of her gifts when she woke up (she had no memory of her friend Kyra opening them all for her). Also, there was no left over cake to tempt my soul for weeks to come, because it was so blazing hot that the buttercream turned into a limp puddle. Ah, summer!

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