Monday, June 9, 2008

Will the Plague Never End?

Two weeks ago, I had the flu. Violet suffered from airtight congestion and Aaron carried on with the general malaise that is the mark of illness in his stubborn body. Today, I woke from a fitful night to discover my menstrual cup overfloweth (literally) and my body engaged in feverish battle against Violet's latest illness. We took Violet to the doctor on Wednesday with a very high fever. She threw up on herself in the car and she was complaining of "something in my mou'f" which we assumed was a sore throat. A strep test came up negative and we were sent on our way with that classic medical vaguery, the virus. Two days later I remembered that my friend's son had something called hand-foot-mouth disease and I checked the bottoms of Violet's feet. Sure enough, she had spots on her soles. The mouth complaint was most likely sores as well. So, now it seems (despite it being unusual) that I have contracted hand-foot-mouth disease as well. Adults tend to be immune to this condition, but not me. I haven't any spots yet, but my fever is wicked and persistent. It's just as well, given that Dayton weather has already escalated to an oppressive 90 degrees. I get stay in the great indoors with no guilt about missing the sunshine. If only I could stop the simultaneous sweating and shivering, I could enjoy my marathon TV viewing.

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