Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Attack of the Fashion Drones

Have I ever mentioned that my husband LOVES Sex and the City? I have never felt the thing, but that man of mine can't get enough of Sarah Jessica Parker. Personally, I find that I cannot relate to any of these women. Maybe, if you rolled them all together into one person, moved her to Ohio and slashed her clothing budget, I might be able to make a connection. Having said that, I think the show is mildly amusing. In fact, it makes me feel emotionally superior and well grounded. I did not object when Aaron asked to go see the flick last weekend. I was curious to see how it ended. Now, I've already admitted that I don't get it, so clearly you must see that I was WAY out of the pop culture loop on the whole subject of SATC. My husband, being a man in a very manly profession, was out of the loop as well. Upon our arrival at the Cinema Deluxe, we were greeted exuberantly by a theatre employee who asked us what we were going to see. Such service! We were then informed that we would NOT be seeing SATC, because all of the shows were sold out. At that point, it all started to make sense. There had been a gaggle of women teetering on stilletos in front of us on the street. I saw a group of college girls wearing the Ohio equivalent of Haute Couture. We were surrounded. There were dozens and dozens of women dressed up like they were going to an audition for the show. As we were waiting to be let in for our showing of Indiana Jones, we became briefly acquainted with the sorriest bastard in all the land. He was carrying a staff (like a wizard) for starters and he had a whole tray full of snacks. The women who had (apparently) been abusing him for many years were nowhere to be found. Staff Man dialed futilely on his cell phone and then I stared too long and he manically babbled to us about how he didn't want to come to this stupid movie and they made him come 45 minutes early and they weren't here yet and it was all made worse by the fact that his kid spilled pomegranate juice on the carpet only moments before he had to leave on this fool's errand. Woo! Sounds like someone made his wife wait one too many times for that first midnight screening of the latest Lord of the Rings film!

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