Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wii Fit

Besides a grueling 48 hour tour of Michigan's finest cancer ward, our Economic Stimulus check purchased us the Wii Fit game thingy. According to my Wii trainer, I am totally normal with a BMI of just under 24. This came as quite a blow to my husband who made the Wii board say, "Oh!" when he stepped on it for his Body Test. His virtual trainer went on to tell him that he was obese and then his Mii (that's an avatar) was, shall we say, inflated to match this condition. The Wii Fit is NOT nice. It placed Aaron's Wii Fit Age at 41. Ouch! Not that here is anything wrong with being 41. It just kinda sucks to be told that you are physically ten years older than you are chronologically. I was physically 34 on our first day, but today I was distracted and blew the balance and agility tests. Today, I am 41 as well. So, the Wii Fit is full of crap sometimes. The hula hooping sure did make me sweat though. The one thing the Wii trainer is lacking is a fungus monitor. I will make a suggestion to Nintendo that they create a do-hickey that a Mama can nestle in her cleavage. Maybe it could sound an alarm when the bra has reached a point of sweat saturation optimal for fungal development. They could market it as a heart rate monitor, so as not to gross out the non-fungal population of Wii users. Something to think about Nintendo.

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