Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Everything Must Go at Crazy Mama's

I have put the whole of my cloth diaper collection up for sale on the internet. Resale was just one more reason why we chose to cloth diaper our darling daughter. No one can say that about disposables! You can't even keep the too small extras laying around to pass on to someone else, because they expire. You laugh, but they actually go bad. The sodium polyacrylate (super absorbent polymer) that they put in 'sposies will eventually succumb to the normal humidity in the air and get crunchy inside the plastic. I am no authority on the subject, but crunchy undies does not sound like fun to me. But, I digress. My diaper collection can be viewed and bid upon at www.myuseddiapers.com This site was born from the ashes of the eBay cloth diaper community. eBay decided that they didn't need revenue from people peddling anything that once touched a wee-wee or a hoo-hoo. That's right! Never mind that people looking for used diapers are completely aware that someone else's poop once dropped into the garment up for sale. eBay has a duty to protect all the suckers out there, who aren't looking for pre-worn undies, but can't seem to judge properly for themselves what they should and should not bid on. I assume that this also put an end to the thriving used dildo market, but I can't be certain.

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