Saturday, February 2, 2008

She married an atheist

As an atheist I am constantly asked "So what do you believe?" The simple answer that I usually give is I don't believe in God. But this is the short answer. The whole of it is I believe in my wife and daughter. Life is hard, we hear it all the time, but so few times do we stop to think about what it means. It means that more often then not, life is not fun. The joyful things in life are not the norm. The things we laugh about, and the times we play, are the things worth living, but there not the things we live with the most.
So what do we do to make it through. If life is so proverbially hard why do it. Why do we not just stay in bed all day or O.D. on the mood enhancing drugs so many of us take. Because of our belief. Whether it be God, or some higher being, belief gets us through. As an atheist I do not have the omnipotent care giver to make it all O.K.. So the belief that is so necessary must be found else where. I find it in my family.
Everyday I wake to the sound of my wife and daughter running around downstairs with giggling lofting up the hall. This is the thing that gets me up everyday and pound through life. They make me smile and feel alive. I believe in them. I believe in everything they make me feel inside. It is my feeling of higher faith, that Christians talk about. It is my love, my faith, my belief in them. Who needs God, when you have your own two real life Knuffle Bunnies (a security blanket for those who don't know the world of Mo Williams). I cuddle them, sleep with them, and play with them.
Oh and I believe in them.


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