Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rest in Peace, sweet Kia

Well, a picture says a thousand words. This picture also says $1000. The mini-van hit Aaron's car and then Aaron's car hit mine. The driver of the mini-van was uninsured and drunk and an illegal alien. It was a perp’ trifecta! The second criminal in all this is our insurance company. We have to pay the deductible on both of our cars, because technically we are filing two claims. The insurance adjuster actually said that this is something that never happens, hence the unfairness of the deductible/claim situation. It’s okay though, the check for totaling out the Kia will cover the cost of the deductible on the Malibu. Semi-charmed is the Heathen Family.

Violet was in the bath when the crash happened and surveyed the scene with a slightly confused look on her face. She said, “Oh, no”, several times and then waved “bye bye” to the cars before I put her to bed. I think we handled it pretty well. In fact, I’m rather impressed with how well we controlled our emotions in front of Violet. In the end, Aaron and I benefited more from that than Violet. We were so focused on not-freaking out that we forgot to freak out! I'm sure that will come later. Weeks from now I'll wake up in a cold sweat and look out the window to see if it's really true.

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