Monday, October 8, 2007

This summer the Crabtree Family went into hibernation, desperate to escape the sweltering heat. Violet and I didn’t go outside for almost a week during the worst of it. Yesterday, we made up for those lost sweaty days. Our annual trip to the pumpkin patch looks beautiful in photographs, but was really quite brutal to live through. It was approximately ONE MILLION degrees outside. Never before have I had the opportunity to experience hay, pumpkins and rolling sweat in one afternoon. We are NOT farmers. Violet drank nearly all of our four cups of complimentary apple cider. Each of us adults had a sip or two from our cup before handing it over to the thirsty baby. The leftover sticky residue on Vi’s face was quickly highlighted by the dust rising up from the dry ground. It was surreal. I felt like we were on a desert movie set, filming a movie about a midwestern harvest. We were all pretending it wasn’t as hot as it really was.

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