Thursday, May 4, 2006

I've never been in great shape. I am blessed with a reasonably speedy metabolism and a few other assets that keep me looking pretty good, despite my sloth. I am not opposed to physical activity. I like to be outside, if it isn't too hot. I like finding hidden places in the woods and contemplating my life. I enjoy walking. But, all of these things have frequently taken a backseat to my more cerebral pursuits. It's very hard to walk and knit at the same time. You cannot scrapbook while on a bicycle and you shouldn't try to read while swimming. There is no place to plug in a sewing machine in the woods and you can only rearrange the furniture AT HOME. All of these intense, creative, hands-on hobbies are virtually impossible to enjoy with a small child around. I have a tendency to be very myopic when working on art and that leads to an injured child. Even being on the computer is a hazard to Violet's health. She wants to stand at my feet and play with the base of the desk (an antique sewing machine peddle) and I should be vigilant. I should be watching and waiting to catch her, hands at the ready. She cannot walk without holding on and she's not very good at landing on her padded bottom. The poor kid has a big head and the momentum just pulls her down face first. The desk is not stable. The peddle moves, which is why she wants to play with it! We have nasty, splintery, hardwood floors. Even I get slivers of wood in my feet and I have two inch callouses. The only activity that keeps Violet save and me occupied is walking. I never thought this would happen to me, but I actually look forward to going outside and sweating a little. I put the kid in the stroller and go. I feel like I've discovered a new identity. I just hope my brain doesn't atrophy.

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