Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I've Got a Lot of Balls...in the air

This week we started kindergarten and it is way harder than I thought it was going to be, so I may have to start drinking in the evening.  Violet is enrolled in a virtual charter school.  I know some homeschoolers will say I have sold out to the man, but when the man provides ALL the books AND a computer AND an internet stipend, he's pretty hard to resist.  I LOVE free shit! Anywho, I am still working out how to make this curriculum bend to my will, so I may be a bit of a ghost.

I got myself a few photo gigs and I have been juggling school work and photoshop work and housework and that has left me very little time to read blogs or write blogs or even fantasize about posts in my head.  I have set a goal of writing one post a week and I am going to pare down my blog reader to the bare bones.  Don't worry. If you are reading this, I will probably continue to read your blog.

I started going to a belly dancing class with my friend E and that has been fun and challenging, without making me want to kill the instructor.  I highly recommend it. It is a subtle art form, so there is ZERO workout culture, pep-talking. I hate that crap.

We are now official members of a large learning co-op, as well as a preK co-op......soooooo, I find myself busier than I have been in a looong time.  Remember, I don't multi-task well.

Here's where I drop the bomb.

I am going to discontinue Wardrobe Wednesday.  It has run its course for me and it's time to move on.  If anyone would like to take it over, let me know and I will link to your blog and send participants your way.


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