Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday

Last year, we discovered Ladybug Girl.  Violet was immediately hooked and since Lulu bears a strong likeness to our girl, we now own all three books in the series.

If only more people knew about Lulu, I would stop hearing about Violet's resemblance to Suri Cruise.

Up until this recently, Violet has been content to merely read about Ladybug Girl.  Our trip to the water park last week is the closest Violet has ever been to the ocean, but it was enough to forge a kinship between her and Lulu.  Lulu conquers her fear of the ocean in the latest installment of Ladybug Girl and Violet was inspired to do the same in the wave pool... sort of.

Violet has taken to dressing, not as Ladybug Girl, but as Fairy Cat Girl.  

It didn't take long for Violet to remember why she doesn't wear a leotard around the house.  Fairy Cat Girl (seen without wings after an emergency potty stop) has a really hard time keeping her costume dry.  She may be five, but she still needs help with those silly one piece garments.

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