Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Not only was yesterday Mother's Day, but it was also Mama Has a Cold Day. I am sure you are familiar with all the traditions of Mother's Day, but MHACD takes all those lovely rituals and cranks them up a notch...also there is the regal barking of the orders followed by pathetic sneezing and nose wiping.  Needless to say, three whole meals were prepared for me in an effort to minimize the whining and the moping. A list of household chores was completed and no one rolled their eyes at me.

I know. The husband is totally whipped, like non-dairy topping and he's all mine.

Seriously. I don't share well.

Late in the day, Violet began whispering urgently in her Daddy's ear about something.  They both got very excited and agreed that "it" was a good idea.

Don't you dare try and tell me that her idea was anything but a selfless act of love.  Those are not ravenous eyes. I swear, she is simply admiring a good plan brought to fruition.

This week over at I Heart Faces, they are Celebrating Mothers.  I can think of no greater celebratory food than perfectly ripe, seasonal strawberries wrapped in warm milk chocolate. Really. Don't they just look like tiny red babies all snug in wombs made of chocolate? 

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