Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mac Hates Poor People

I use grocery coupons for three reasons:

  1.   They make me look cool.
  2.   I like to annoy the lady behind me at the store who apparently wipes her ass with cash and has no   use  for savings of any kind.
  3.  Poverty
Coupon acquisition has long been an issue for me, because I don't want to subscribe to our local paper (please refer to coupon reason #3).  I started printing coupons from the internet a few years ago and it has served me well.

Recently, we upgraded our Mac (with money saved by using coupons) to Snow Leopard (think Windows 7, only functional).  Everything was fine and lovely and shiny new, until I decided to print some coupons. I brought up my favorite coupon site and picked my products and hit print.  My smile faded as it seemed to be taking a long time to process my precious savings. I refreshed. Nothing. I tried a different site. There was nothing but the whirling barber pole of infinite loading.

After much searching and downloading and fiddling and hair pulling, I found a forum for Mac lovers who also love coupons (ah, the internet).  It told me not to upgrade to Snow Leopard. Snow Leopard is prejudiced against the coupon printer. It will allow no savings to pass through its icy OS.

Ergo, Mac hates poor people. 

*I still love you Mac. We will always be together. I just wish you could learn to accept my relationship with Coupons.com.  Let's make-up with a free iPad. Whaddya say?

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