Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dear Easter Bunny

*Transcribed last night, by Daddy.

Dear Easter Bunny,

     I would like to have some jewelry in my Easter basket please.  How about some gold pennies.  How about a jewelry pony or a pony with some jewelry.  Lots of jewelry or a necklace with a picture of a cat.  I have a cat named Mittens, I love her.  If you have a lot of dollars how about a bracelet.  Do you have a lot of toys, do you like little girls?  I watched a funny video with a bunny, but its not a real bunny it just eats them.  Of course I would like some candy in my basket.  I like suckers, and we have none in the house.  I'm a pretty little girl named Violet.  I like to play dress up.  I like you.  You are a pretty bunny, and I am your friend.  You know; I would like a big huge rainbow diamond on a necklace.  I would wash it and take care of it.  You have to take care of Jewelry.  You should not keep it in a dirty place like the basement with Bob the Dragon.  Can you get me some jello jigglers, I ate some and they were good.  Just a little bit of chocolate.  Chocolate says "I love you".  What do you do every week?  Play games, video games, Candyland?  Do you like Legos?  Can you also bring something for my Mom and Daddy?  Mommy likes Reese's peanut butter eggs.  Daddy likes Mommy.  I like movies, sometimes Daddy doesn’t let me watch them.  Did you jump on the couch when you were a little kid?  My favorite toys are dress up and jewelry.  Do you dress up and wear jewels?  I think you’re a human that dresses up as a bunny.  Do you have fur, like Mittens?  She needs her claws out.  Do you have claws?  Be careful not to step on my toys if you come in my room.  I like playing Candyland.  I wish I could live in a candy castle.  It would be fabulous.  Do you know about fabulous?  How about bringing something for Mittens, like a chew toy.


Happy Easter!

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