Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday

I may have crossed the line to obsessive compulsive stitching. I cannot stop sewing. I guess I am crafting Violet's entire spring/summer wardrobe.  Or, I am going to have to start giving clothes away to children who pass by on the street.  Maybe I'll host a giveaway. We'll see.

I made a skirt last week using this pattern (actually it's a tutorial) I found on Etsy.  Can I just take a moment and ponder the joy and wonder that is the PDF pattern/ tutorial?  I LOVE that I can pay to download a pattern and print it out in the privacy of my own home.  Instant gratification!

The denim portion of this skirt was patched together from two pairs of cast-off Mommy jeans. They were soft and thin. This is not hard-core man denim.  Of course, I purchased so much cupcake fabric that scraps of it are in three different garments.  I believe this is the last of it.  I used some salvaged elastic from a pair of boxer shorts in the waistband and that was a mistake.  The weight of the denim really requires a stiffer elastic.  This skirt was really fun to make and it leaves me wondering if I might be able to make a Mama sized version. I detest zippers, but elastic waistbands are not flattering on me, so this might be a nice compromise.  We shall see.

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