Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I sent Violet upstairs to put on something pretty, for Christmas Eve. We aren't going anywhere, but "pretty" is a motivator and I thought we should try to get out of our pajamas today.  On the way up the steps she must have changed "pretty" to "super" in her little head, because she came back down in this get-up.  I've cropped the photo for modesty's sake, this being Violet's Halloween costume from 2008.  She's like a foot taller than she was when we got the costume, so it's actually much closer to Linda Carter's uniform than it was intended.

There's a whole, giant tube of Mini M&Ms in today's countdown container, so Violet should be flying like a super hero any second now.  I might need to dose her chocolate milk later tonight.

Happy Holidays blog buddies! See you soon!

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