Thursday, November 12, 2009

She Can Be Taught

My parenting/homeschool philosophy is pretty laid back.  If it weren't for the fact that people keep asking where Violet goes to preschool, I wouldn't even bother with labeling myself a homeschooler (yet).  I guess I agree with the Scandinavian tradition of delaying formal education until six or seven. 

Of course, we do all sorts of preschool-like activities. It's not like I sit around eating bon-bons all day while Violet watches Sponge Bob. I have a stubborn strong-willed child and she learns best when I get off her back at her own pace.  Bribery, rewards, threats and peer pressure are all completely ineffective . Violet only absorbs what Violet finds useful.  Hmmm, just like adults do.

So, when Violet developed an interest in the letters of her name, we showed her how to write it herself.  It turns out that my sweet little boo doesn't care for the letter I, but we're working on it.  In the meantime, Violet discovered that her pet name "Boo" and what a ghost says are, in fact, the same thing.  Violet loves "spooky" stuff.  I wrote out BOO for her one day almost a month ago and although she initially refused my request to write it herself, I could tell a spark was lit.

Last night I found these sticky notes in various places around the house.  There were also a bunch of rough drafts crumpled on the floor in the craft room.

When a lesson seems to have been learned purely by accident I usually look at Aaron, pretend to shake imaginary dust from my hands and exclaim, "School's done for the day." 

I'm going to go eat some bon-bons now.

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