Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wardrobe Wednesday

So, you know how toddler size dresses come with those silly matching panty/diaper cover things? I have been collecting them since Vi was a baby, trying to figure out a use for them.  We've rarely used them for their intended purpose because Vi wore cloth diapers and that was just one layer too many on her behind. They are too voluminous to be used as standard panties and there isn't enough fabric to make much of anything. I started cutting them up to salvage the elastic and had a brain wave.  Applique.

This t-shirt was very plain and it happened to match the panties from one of Vi's sundresses (hi-five to anyone who recognizes the pattern).  I went online and found a picture of pigtails in silhouette and used that as a template to cut the fabric.  I got all fancy and satin stitched the applique, but next time I'll just use fusible webbing. The stitching was a foul language inducer.  
Violet, my little artist, was distressed that the pigtails had no face. In that moment, genius was truly born.  I let her go to work with her washable markers and her tee had a face.  As you can see, it washes out VERY easily, for a new face every time you wear it.  Our recent trip to King's Island met with some wet weather and her t-shirt wound up faceless most of the day. 
*Thanks for the cheerful comments on my last post.  I think we are all coming down with some foul, late summer illness.  So, the black cloud will most likely clear up with rest and extra fluids. ;)

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