Saturday, September 5, 2009

OK Mama, but Only if the Duct Tape is Pink

This morning I became obsessed with acquiring a child size dress form. I have suffered several sewing failures as of late and a fake little body that stands perfectly still and NEVER, EVER whines would really help me out.

After 30 minutes of googling it became clear that they do not make adjustable dress forms small enough for my needs.  Then I remembered seeing a tutorial about making a dress form out of duct tape and fiber fill.   So, off we went to buy the necessary supplies.  Violet insisted on pink duct tape, even though it was twice as expensive.

I dressed Violet in form fitting, disposable clothes and just started wrapping at the hips.  I only bought one roll of the colored tape and two would have been better.  A single roll of the silver would have been more economical, but I had to talk someone into this little endeavor with a bribe, so pink it was. 

The idea is to get a basic shape and then perfect the edges after you take it off the model.  Be careful at the neck area, tiny hairs get stuck to the tape and then there's crying and you don't want that.  

Try to keep your model from wiggling her impossibly cute, pink behind.

Basically you want to make a skin tight dominatrix style dress. 

Make sure the child has a potty break before starting this process.  Perhaps I should have mentioned that at the beginning. 

Anyway, keep wrapping.  Try not to overlap too much, especially on such a little body, it will make the dress form bigger than you want it to be.

Once you are satisfied, or your model threatens to throw herself on the floor in protest (whichever comes first), start the cutting.  This part was way scarier than I anticipated.  I was so concerned about wrapping and conserving tape that I didn't give a second thought to placing sharp metal against my baby's skin. 

It went well and there was no bleeding, but I'm glad Aaron was here because Violet kept trying to reach around and protect her booty from my scissors.  An understandable reflex, but not something I wanted her to accomplish. 

After releasing Violet, I set to work taping the form back together and stuffing it.  I also stuck a wrapping paper tube in the center of the form to make a neck-like thing for hanging it.   Hmm, sounds like wholesome family fun.
It doesn't look like much in the photo, but it works.  It also illustrates nicely how Violet has inherited her mother's waist-less figure and her father's total lack of ass. 
Now I'm off to sew all night with my headless and gloriously cooperative Violet clone.

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