Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wardrobe Wednesday

I did not forget.

I swear.  I am late, because we had major plans today and I knew that I would get today's WW from our little activity. 

Aaron's aunt gifted Violet with tickets to see a dinner theatre production of Annie. This was HUGE.  Violet loves the movie Annie.  She put on her Easter dress to go to the show. It was a big deal.

From the perspective of a student of theatre (me), the show was meh. The girls were wonderful and so was the woman who played Lily St. Regis, but the rest kind of dragged.  Violet was confused and at turns angry that they had the audacity to add songs and scenes to the play that she was not familiar with.  I tried to prepare her for the differences, but you know how that goes. 

Dinner theatre is exhausting. If you've never been, it takes all day to see a matinee.  They feed you, they water you, they clear the dishes and THEN the show starts.  I was worried that Violet might not make it back from intermission, but we persevered and Violet got to meet Annie. 

So, it was worth all the trouble, but I am tired.

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