Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wardrobe Wednesday: Nose Thumbing Edition

Given my most recent blog post (wherein I make myself sound like smug, I'm-too-good-for-mass-media Mommy), Violet's wardrobe for the day is sublimely ironic (and no I don't want to know if I am using ironic or the parenthesis correctly, thanks).  

You'll notice that Violet is wearing nearly all of the character clothes and accessories that have accumulated in her closet. The socks have Cinderella on them, the shoes are Hello Kitty and I'm pretty sure her underpants feature My Little Pony. 

So, I'm sort of a hyprocrite.   I allow hand-me-downs festooned with Dora the Explorer to enter my home.  Really, I'll accept anything that's free, so long as it fits and is age appropriate.  As for the Wonder Woman tee and Smurf skirt?  Well, I have a weakness for the pop culture of my own youth and the skirt is homemade, thereby making it exempt from all previous rules about stuff featuring cartoon characters.

Even if I have influenced Violet to appreciate the subtle joys of Smurf culture or the ass-kicking power of Wonder Woman, she still exercises free will in her choice of ensembles.  This outfit is in no way endorsed by me.  In this house, all family members are encouraged to look as ridiculous as their ego can handle. Clearly, Violet is as confident as they come.

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