Monday, July 13, 2009

Ding! Dong!

I am sure it is a sign of true economic desperation that salesmen keep showing up at my door.  I do not live in a neighborhood that screams disposable income, but they keep coming anyway.

I don't want to begrudge anyone the right to make a living.  I understand that some goods and services need a little more help getting sold, but I DO NOT buy shit from people who randomly show up at my door.  Does anyone?  I mean, I have the internet. I can research and purchase anything I want and have it delivered to my door without ever needing to speak to a human being. Why would I buy from some sweaty dude who just interrupted my blogging dinner?

A few weeks ago, during a thunderstorm, I had three different sets of post-adolescent salesmen knock on my door in a two hour period.  They all wanted to sell me an alarm system.  They all had the same shtick, asking me if I knew Mrs. Johnson up the street who just bought an alarm from them. Um, no.

Today, I got the hard sell from a sorry cat who was forced to watch me dab at my face while I ignored every word he said about Cincinnati Bell.  He interrupted me while I was picking at the zit on my chin.  I'm sure it was the highlght of his day.

I don't like to lead these guys on, but I can't rid of them with honesty.  I cannot be mean to them, because I am incapable of being rude and my four year old is watching, so I just listen and then defer all decision making to my absent husband. It's slightly embarrassing, but I usually get them to go away with the phrase, "I'm sorry, but my husband handles all the bills." So much for feminism.

Is anyone else experiencing an epidemic of door-to-door sales?

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