Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wardrobe Wednesday

I get it.

The bikini is so cute you can barely stand it.
It has little cherries hanging on the front of it.  She looks adorable in it, as does her baby sister.

Unfortunately, it is totally useless as a functional garment.

I heard this 3 year old's mother ask her to hitch up her drawers no less that 10 times in a 30 minute period.  I couldn't get a photo of the baby crack in action, but trust me, it was epic.

I am no prude.  Bikinis do not offend me, per se, but if the bathing suit cannot maintain purchase on the posterior, it is only a nusance to the child.  She would have been better off naked.

I kept wishing she would rip off the polka dot bottoms in protest.

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