Friday, May 15, 2009

Through my View Finder

Most of the time Aaron and I forget to really look at each other.  Violet is distracting us with a song or a whine. The dog needs to go outside or the trash is overflowing.  

We pass each other. We see right through one another.

I take my camera everywhere I go now. I find myself just pushing down the shutter button without focusing my mind on the subject at hand.  Click. Click. Click.  I haven't got the energy to take in every beautiful, ordinary moment, as it happens.  And so, I click, click, click. I am saving the view for later.

Hours, days or weeks go by and I look at the images I've taken with fresh eyes.  I see things that went unnoticed at first. I realize how much I've missed.  My camera freezes in time, what my brain can't catch.

It's the best view I've got.

What's your best view? Windex and The Parent Bloggers Network want to know. They might even give you a prize! 

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