Thursday, May 28, 2009

She is Risen!

Okay. So you know how you sit down to pay some bills online and AT&T says, "Hey we can make your internet faster. Just click this button that says UPGRADE." Sweet, right?

EH! Wrong!

What that UPGRADE button really means is that you will be suddenly and unceremoniously without internet for a period of time that is totally unacceptable. It also means that some member of your household will get the pleasure of spending 3 hours listening to the crackling, lo-fi jams of the AT&T on hold music service. It means that you will discover just how decrepit your neighborhood phone lines are and you will become acquainted with several non-native English speakers as you spiral through the customer service chain of command.

And the DSL is only a little bit faster than it was before.

So, that's where I've been. Call off the search and rescue team.

Here's a belated Wardrobe Wednesday photo. Mr. Linky will return in all his glory next week.

*That's a naked child wearing a cape, in case the photoshop flower confused you.

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