Monday, April 6, 2009

What the Dishwasher Giveth, He Also Taketh Away

You, my devoted readers, have made it clear that Mr. Green Jeans should be allowed to flourish in his lonely garden patch under the dishwasher. I was delighted that so many of you were not only accepting of my shortcomings as a house keeper, but excited to see what might happen next.

Alas, Mr. Green Jeans was never meant to bear fruit. The same warmth and steam that sprouted him from his tiny seed also brought about his untimely end.  With each cycle of the dishwasher he got weaker and since Mama does not do dishes by hand if she can help it, the little fighter had to be moved or die.

I took a good look at the origin of the seedling and determined that it could not be transplanted. There was nothing to dig up.  His soil amounted to nothing more than an apple peel and some crumbs.  With a heavy heart I gently removed Mr. Green Jeans from his home and returned him to the earth out in the back yard.

It was for the best.

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