Monday, February 2, 2009

Like Sands Through the Hourglass...

Violet is filled from stem to stern with mucous and therefore oozing with exuberance for learning. She only stops pestering me long enough to cough unproductively and then she's all, "What we do now Mama?"

Can I interest you in coloring quietly, in a slightly reclined position, here on the couch? No?

I bought some sand last week for this cool project where I write letters in glue on cards and then we sprinkle sand on them. Finger tracing the texture helps with letter recognition (after they dry of course).  You can also cut letters out of sandpaper, but the notion of cutting sand paper makes my teeth itch. I got the idea from a blog called The Write Start. I was all prepared to show you carefully managed photos of Violet wielding a bottle of glue and a spoonful of sand.  It was going to be great. Maybe it will still be great, but for today you get Violet playing in sand in a dish at the kitchen table, because I have enough viscous mess to clean off the child without adding glue to the mix.

I took a stab at teaching her something in between nose wipings. Violet picked alphabet pieces out of a bag and traced them in the sand for about thirty seconds and then commenced  drawing monsters.  The snot made it difficult for instructions to penetrate her brain.

Then she poured sand everywhere and Mommy's plan for minimizing the mess with an improvised activity went right out the window.

Bye Bye.

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