Friday, January 9, 2009

Who's Gonna Clean Up This Mess

The Heathen Family is constantly engaged in a game of Housekeeping Chicken. The object of the game is to see who can stand the mess the longest, and who will give in to the pressure of the dust bunnies and get out the vacuum.  I lose this game more than I win it, seeing as I am forced to live in the filth 60 hours longer per week than Aaron.  Occasionally, Aaron does beat me to the mop and those days are great because once pushed over the edge Aaron is much more likely to clean until the job is finished. My shame can be placated by sweeping the kitchen floor and artfully rearranging the clutter.  OCD Man (a.k.a. my husband)  is not so easily soothed. Where we struggle as a family is getting the child to understand the housekeeping dynamic here at Chez Heathen.  There seems to be no level of organizational chaos that can unhinge the baby. Violet will wade through ankle deep toys and clothes indefinitely.

As 2009 dawns, I find myself at a crossroads. Should we get our act together and try to be a good example to our daughter by keeping the house clean? Maybe we can try and explain to her how much dirt is too much? Do I really want to her to understand the concept of Chicken at such a young age?

I'll work on it. I need a good excuse for not folding the towels in the dryer.

Are you a worse housekeeper than I am? Maybe you just need a little motivation from the Parent Bloggers Network and SC Johnson.

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