Monday, January 12, 2009

What Does Your Belly Look Like?

This morning I discovered a really cool blog called The Belly Project. Friends Christy Tashjian and Karen Rayne started this project to combat the prevailing media imagery of perfectly fake bellies. Christy is a midwife and Karen is a Sex Educator, so they know a little something about what a real belly looks like. 

You can post your own belly photo, anonymously. It is really affirming to see the variety of shapes and sizes out there. I just sent my own picture, but I am tempted to post it here for you as well. This would effectively end my belly anonymity, but I've got an itch to do it. Should I? I will leave it to you, my readers, to decide. I mean, if you don't WANT to see my stretch marks, there's really no point in doing it, is there?

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