Monday, January 26, 2009

Craft Challenge

No. I'm not hosting a craft contest. The challenge was purely personal and totally unexpected. You see, I am working on the getting the nerve up to call myself a homeschooler. I am in pre-homeschool mode right now and I spend most of my time gathering information and organizing my space. Very little schooling happens during our day.

Flipflops & Applesauce had a lovely, easy Counting Book project that I felt confident would be fun and educational for Violet. It involved stickers. It involved putting said stickers into a little book. It was right up Violet's alley. I decided to use this as a starting point for our fledgling Heathen Homeschool.
I stapled some card stock together .

I asked Violet to find me letter stamps. She produced the R for every letter I requested.
I watched helplessly as Violet placed the number stamps willy-nilly, off center and, in the case of number six, totally sideways. I took a deep breath.
We counted the stickers over and over again, until the number of stickers matched the number on the page. Violet started making funny noises and blurting out nonsense words at me.
We succeeded in doing 1-10, but the last five were kinda, sorta, sheer torture. Remember how when we were kids playsets came with sheets of stickers and you had to apply them yourself. Rugs, windows, pictures on the wall... all that stuff had to go in a certain place. Well, I was the kid who ripped that new toy out of the hands of another child, so that the stickers would be straight, free of wrinkles and in the proper place. It made my skin crawl to see liberties taken with the application of those decals. So, yeah, watching Violet put down stickers without any regard to order was a challenge.

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