Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Magical Fruit

Times are tough.  Beans are on the menu, but some people just can't bring themselves to eat beans when frozen chicken nuggets are at large in the world.

Me: Beans are magic.

Violet: Ol' matdonal have a farm...
Me: Remember the story about the beans?
Violet: The beans gwew a stawk!
Me: Yes. The beans were magic. If you eat a bean it will make you grow like stalk.
Violet: I can't. I can't reach my spooooon!
Me: The beans will make you grow like magic!
Violet: ...anon his farm he has some nuddets! Eeee iiiiiii eeee iiiii ooooo!
Me: Eat a bean and we'll go upstairs and measure you, to see how much the bean made you grow.
Violet: UH OH! I dropped the bean! Peals of maniacal laughter.
Me: The beans are magic. Eat one!

Violet: Magic beans?!
Me: They make you big and strong. EAT ONE!
Violet: My spooon. My 'poon! Pixie got my spoon.
Me: Just eat one. You'll see.
Violet: The bean make me not feel good.
Me: The bean can't make you sick unless you eat it. EAT ONE!
Violet: You go upstairs too. Measure you.
Me: Sure. Eat a bean.
Violet: You eat one.
Me: I just ate a whole bowl full.
Violet: You eat one. I eat one.
Me: Okay. We'll eat a bean together.
Violet: You first.
Me: Together.
Violet: Put it in yo' mouf!
Me: Eating bean. Okay. Your turn.
Violet: Maniacal laughter. Noooooooo!
Me: Sound of  me shoving the bean in Violet's mouth. Chew it up! With your teeth!
See! Magic beans!

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