Friday, December 12, 2008

I Resolve to Do Nothing!

I don't DO New Year's Resolutions.

I could use some improvement, no doubt, but January is just not a good time for me.  Is January a good time for anyone to start afresh, anew, a-whatever?  January might be a good month to start exercising or catching up on home maintenance in Australia, but I live in Ohio. January is most suitably a time for laying on the couch moaning about the cold and snow.  I will be too busy finishing off the Christmas cookies to worry about my waist line come the New Year. 

I believe in hibernation.

Winter is a time to replenish the body's store, to collect energy for the approaching summer. Before the modern conveniences of electricity and central heat, humans hunkered down for the coldest months of the year. It made them all the more thankful for the rebirth of spring. Rather than resist the isolation and gloom of winter, I revel in it. Fighting nature is just too exhausting.

I resolve to stay inside, keep warm and eat comfy winter food. When the flowers start to poke their heads up in the spring, my ambition will bloom along with them. I will emerge from the chrysalis of winter, a refreshed, chubby, butterfly ready to play all summer long.

How will you get your act together in 2009? The Parent Bloggers Network and BigTent want to give you a little much needed motivation.

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