Wednesday, October 15, 2008

WTF Ty Pennington!

I came across a disturbing banner ad while I was getting my shameful daily hit from Ty Pennington is now shilling for Similac. He bursts into the frame and starts talking about how Moms don't want to fight with the formula can and it's chilling.  I have made it clear how I feel about breastfeeding, so I won't go into that but, regardless of your infant feeding preference, this campaign should leave you with a sensation not unlike the urge to vomit. The connection between poisonous faux-milk (sorry, I couldn't help myself) and Mr. Pennington is a Nursery Design Giveaway. Of course, his LOVE for good design in general gives him the expertise to take you on a tour of an enormous (and newly revamped) container of Similac formula.  
*Why formula Ty? Are times really that tough? Are you adjusting to a new medication? Couldn't you find a nice ADHD drug to hawk to the American public? At least you can claim to know a little somethig about that.
Seriously, his whole TV persona is about helping families with tragic living arrangements and usually those families have sick or disabled children. What do sick and disabled children need? Breastmilk! I wonder if he even considered the message that it sends to the world that he endorses formula. He is telling people to feed their babies formula. If Ty wants to give people advice about what kind of building materials to use or where to find a Sears store, that's fine. Leave baby feeding to the experts.

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