Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tomowwo, Tomowwo, I Wuv Vou Tomowwo!

These days my daughter bounces between two obsessions: Annie and Wonder Woman. You might have guessed that I am directly responsible for both of these interests. Even if Violet could manage to use the remote properly, I doubt she could surf the satellite dial and find either of those programs on the air and she certainly couldn't watch them often enough to memorize the lyrics to their respective songs. It is all my doing. I loved both of these characters intensely as a child and I can tolerate many more renditions of It's A Hard Knock Life than I can the Dora theme song or any of the Disney Princess songs. I was the kid who constantly listened to a 45 of the Chipmunks singing Tomorrow and E.T. Come Visit Me. If portable music had been available to me then, I would have been intolerable to be around.
Tomorrow has become an all-purpose anthem around our house. Violet sings it when she is happy or bored and sometimes she changes the lyrics to suit her mood. Violet likes to sing the Wonder Woman theme when she is in the car or when she plays with her action figures. It makes me smile and I have to fight the urge to get the camera every time she starts to sing. See for yourself!

Tomorrow, the Chorus Only Edition from Kelly Beckman-Crabtree on Vimeo.

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