Thursday, September 25, 2008

To All the Coffee Makers I Have Neglected Before...

I am a morning person. Everything about morning makes me happy. I love the dew. I love the light. I love the temperature. If I only get to eat out once a month, I want it to be breakfast. Coffee is my favorite activity, any time of day, but since I need to sleep at some point I limit myself to only one cup (okay sometimes two) a day. I used to drink Starbucks everyday. That stopped sometime in 2003, when we ran a Quicken spending report and discovered that we had spent $700 on coffee in one year. That's when I began my ill-fated courtship with an espresso machine. When I grew tired of spending 2 hours a day making a mediocre cup of coffee and then cleaning up the myriad parts associated with the blasted brewer, it got stashed on top of the refrigerator. I took up briefly with a 4 cup Mr. Coffee, but once I got pregnant and began my aversion to all things ingestable, the little dripper grew a spectacular amount of mold and had to be thrown out. After Violet was born, I didn't drink coffee for awhile. I spent nine months breaking my tragic addiction to caffeine and I thought it might be nice to live above the influence for the first time since I was an undergraduate. My idealism lasted until teething robbed me of what little sleep I had been getting. In the absence of a coffee maker, I was forced to start drinking instant tea bag coffee. As much as I was desperate for caffeine, I was terrified of bringing a new coffee maker into my life. Motherhood had given me a clearer picture of myself as a woman and a domestic engineer and I knew that I would neglect anything that could not be put entirely into the dishwasher. A wistful search on Amazon led me to the little green wonder you see in the picture. It also happens to be the coffee maker of choice for true, coffee afficianados. I forget why it makes a superior tasting cup of coffee, but I remember everyday why it makes me happy. When I am done dripping the coffee directly into my grande size mug, I thwack the plastic on the side of the trash can to dislodge the filter and then throw the whole thing into the sink. If I think to return the tea kettle to the stove, I give myself a pat on the back before I sit down with my cup and enjoy the morning.

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