Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Believe in Miracles!

Okay, so I was getting ready to pen a snarky post about Sarah Palin breathing new life into the whole "Mommy War" phenomenon when I decided to take a peak at the Parent Bloggers Network first. In a nutshell, that post will have to wait because  all the cynicism and sarcasm I would need to write about "Mommy War" crap has now dissapated into the ether. I won an iPhone! I never fucking win anything! Yes, I am so excited I just used the F-word! And, to make it even more ridiculously fantastic, today is Aaron's birthday. Oh, and I cannot forget to mention that here in South West Ohio, we have like 2 million people without power due to a wind storm on Sunday. Yesterday,  I joked that I should play the lottery, because we live on the only block with electricity. I am on FIRE! Does anyone want to rub my belly for luck?

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