Monday, June 30, 2008

A (sort of) Open House

The Heathen Family is not known for it's tidy home. In fact, we are noted for our infamous "pink room", which sounds innocuous, but is in fact a sinister site of bad decorating and household detritus. Since moving into our humble ghetto abode we have slowly been undoing the wretched 70s rec room decor of the previous inhabitants. Our success has been slow coming and we are thwarted at every turn by wood paneling (applied as bandage to crumbling plaster) and wallpaper (applied with uneven skill, so that some places are peeling and others are glued with all the permanence of a covenant with the devil). I present to you the highlights (or low-lights) of our constant work in progress. I did not have the stomach for the full-house tour that Mrs. G recently gave her readers.

The kitchen was our first full-fledged effort at "decorating". I love my kitchen still, but it does cry out, "I've watched too many episodes of Trading Spaces." The general idea was too make the weird yellow countertop look like a "bold design choice", since we couldn't afford to replace it. I also wrote all over the cabinets and the walls with a sharpie, which in retrospect was not the best medium for longevity. I rather enjoy the befuddled and horrified look on people's faces when they enter my kitchen for the first time and they see that I have a Douglas Adams quote scrawled above my back door. It is a mistake to think that you can solve any problems with just potatoes.
This is the pink room. The photo obviously does not do justice to the hideous, iridescence of the giant lilies on the wallpaper or the persistent layer of cast off thread and fabric snips all over the carpet. In the foreground you will see my most precious and yet severely underused Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Who's a spoiled princess? This is my bedroom, or at least the bedroom of my childhood dreams. Violet's room took nearly three months to paint, because I was too pregnant to crack the whip. I intended to paint a forest mural to go along with the Classic Pooh theme, but it never happened, which is fine because Vi never slept a wink in the finely appointed crib that once lived in this room. The Pooh theme kind of collapsed when we removed all the baby accessories.

This is Violet's playroom, or what used to be the living room. Again, the paint job makes us look like Trading Spaces stalkers, but when recovering from dark paneling bright yellow paint sounds like a GREAT idea!

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