Sunday, May 18, 2008

Case In Point

Now, if I had big bad job would I have time to whip out a doll sling on a whim in the middle of the afternoon? Would I have enough free brain space to realize that I could use old link-a-dos as sling rings? Would I have enough energy to wrangle the child and sit down at the sewing machine at the same time?
*Okay, I am exaggerating now. Little Bear kept Violet mesmerized while I did the quick sewing. I also must give some credit to Jan Andrea for giving me a little visual inspiration to complete my mission.

Now, when we take our trip to Michigan this week, I can rest assured that Baby Rojo or Knuffle Bunny can be safely carried about without fear of loss.
*Mama and Daddy live in constant fear that Knuffle Bunny, in particular, will get lost or irrevocably damaged in the course of an outing.

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