Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Pull of the Open Road

The sun is breaking through the cold. It is becoming a little warmer everyday. As I drive to work, school and Starbucks (my primary destinations), I am beginning to see motorcycles everywhere. I miss my motorcycle. It is so hard to describe if you don't own one. You want to be out there. When you drive to work, its hard to turn into the parking lot and not just keep riding. Kelly has never been a big driver, or have a big desire to be out out on the road; however I love it. On a bike it is twenty times better. My bike is safely tucked away in a garage far from my house (as I have no garage, and yes I am less of a man because of it) and it is not easily procured. I NEED it back. I will have it soon and my need to feel the open road again. I will be that guy who rides just to ride. Your friend that always says:
"You don't have a bike? You need one man, you have to get one! Tell your wife its about gas and how you will save enough money it will pay for itself. Then call off work and we will go ride!"
Aaron (This is not my bike, this one is much cooler)

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