Sunday, February 10, 2008

Potty Training: Phase 1.5

Okay, so we have made progress, particularly at night. Violet has a hard time remembering to pee in a timely fashion while awake, but the sensation wakes her up at night and she cries until I take her to the potty. I am no longer using the word diaper and have put away the prefolds in favor of the old motherease dipes. I read a tip online about snapping them up and putting them on like underwear and it works. It's been so long since we used the motherease that Violet seems to accept them as "panties". They do have their limits. They have to be snapped loose enough to be pulled down by tiny digits, so they are almost falling off. They give me enough confidence to go to the grocery store without diapers. However, at home it seems to work better if Violet maintains a naked posterior. I like to minimize conflict, so we will practice using panties only when decency requires it.

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