Monday, June 5, 2006

So, Violet has started to throw tantrums already. I guess they are mini-tantrums, not the full-blown toy aisle induced tantrums that I see out in public. But, she certainly has her own view of how things should go. It seems that she has less tolerance for losing control when she is tired. Just before her morning nap today, she decided that she needed to be in the space between my chair and the wall. This is not a space that is really big enough for her to fit in. I guess she figured that she could move the chair, like she does when no one is sitting in it. Well, Violet got her head stuck and it was a full blown meltdown! It wasn't a painful scream, so much as a thwarted princess screech! "How dare the laws of physics deny me my right to push furniture at will! I will be revenged!", or so I imagine she might have said if she spoke like a precocious cartoon child. I find myself wanting to laugh when she behaves like this. I find the whole process of growing a child fascinating and joyful. I mean, I know that this important stuff and she has a right to her feelings, but it's almost comical to see her act out our own grown-up emotions without all the restraint...

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