Tuesday, December 25, 2007

We Are All Very Tired

It has been a long time since I lied awake for hours the night before Christmas. I am thrilled to be enjoying this time in our life as a family, but I am also reminded just how much I like being bored. For weeks the holiday tension has been building. We have done a lot of the wonderful things I remember looking forward to as a child. I have had a lot of fun. Violet has had a lot of fun. In fact, we have had so much fun that our regular routine has sort of disintegrated. I am having trouble remembering exactly what it was I used to do to get Violet to go to sleep so easily every night. She and I are literally buzzing from all the frenetic energy and sleep deprivation. I am looking forward to January when all of this revelry will give way to boredom. Alas, Violet cannot tell time or read the calendar and I am at a loss for how to gently transition her back to our ordinary daily life. Right now, she is lying in bed singing to her new Knuffle Bunny. I recognize the energy in her voice. It is the sound of someone so tightly wound and so profoundly exhausted that they might never be able to sleep again. We are all there right now. I am sooooo tired and yet when I lay my head down and close my lids, my eyeballs start dancing and my brain begins to play a slideshow of the day. I just want to settle down for a long winters nap. I long to be bored again.

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