Thursday, April 13, 2006


Okay. I admit it. I'm bored. I have this beautiful, charming daughter and I'm bored. I wanted to be this Mommy-person who thrilled at every movement and sound and sometimes it is really hard to conjure up the enthusiasm. All she wants to do is stand. Okay, so what? Well, Violet will not crawl. This is a problem. She wants to move. She wants to stand. She cannot do it alone. So, I crouch beside her dutifully all day and offer my fingers. Sometimes, she sways or holds on with one hand. Most of the time she just stands, reveling in her accomplishment. It's great! Really, the first 400 times I was overjoyed. Now, I wish she would crawl or something... It's my own fault really, apparently fewer and fewer babies crawl in a "traditional" manner anymore-- because we have all been frightened into putting them on their backs to sleep. It turns out that babies don't feel the need to go onto their bellies if they aren't going to sleep there. We think we're solving problems and we just create more.

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